What’s Covered by Speech Pathology?

Speech pathology is an area of medical practice in which the doctor addresses speech production and verbal communication disorders. It includes diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive measures for this disorder. This medicine branch usually involves diagnosing and treating disorders of the vocal cords, nose, throat, and tongue. Speech pathology also involves analysing swallowing problems, mental retardation, and abnormalities of the head and neck.

The areas of Speech pathology Adelaide that the doctor takes care of are classified according to the audiology branches. Audiologist prepares students to perform audiogram with a hearing aid. He or she also prepares students to assess the patient’s hearing impairment by listening to sounds at different volumes.

speech-pathology-adelaideIn addition to the academic accreditation, the school should have both the International Association of Speech Pathologists and the National Association of Schools of Speech and Language Disorders Accredited Internationally. To be a speech pathologist, one should be a graduate of a high school diploma or an equivalent course. Moreover, he or she should hold at least a bachelor’s degree. After one has qualified through the aforementioned academic accreditation, they can apply for the master’s program. There are three types of master’s degrees in speech pathology available:

Doctor of Dental Surgery – this doctorate focuses on treating and preventing oral health disorders. It requires two years of graduate-level studies at the college or university of choice. During the graduate course, students will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of speech pathology. During the final year, students will be expected to participate in a one-year postgraduate residency 

Master of Science in Mental and Behavioural Sciences – this degree is awarded to those who want to specialise in speech disorders. Those who acquire a master’s degree qualify to diagnose and treat patients suffering from mental and behavioural disorders. This degree program coursework includes cognitive, social, neurobiological, psychological, linguistic, psychiatric, clinical, and medical approaches. Students will also be able to choose between a generalist and a specialist doctorate program.

Master of Science in Laryngology and Speech-Language Pathology is a doctorate program used to train speech pathologists. This doctorate focuses on diagnosing and treating laryngopharyngeal disorders. This program includes studying anatomy and physiology of the throat, vocal cords, voice box, vocal resonance, vocal folds, pharynx, and tongue. Some of the topics that students will be taught include fluency principles, intelligibility testing, voice print analysis, articulation, swallowing, and voice disorder recognition. This program enables students to treat speech disorders and fluency problems. To qualify, candidates must have completed all graduated medicine, biological sciences, and speech-language disorders.

Specialisation in the areas of communication sciences and human communication is among the highest positions available. It is expected that Speech pathology Adelaide specialists will collaborate with other specialists in various fields. The list includes audiology, ethology, anthropology, art history, cognitive science, and psychology. To become a speech pathologist, one must be a graduate of an accredited school with a strong emphasis on the study of voice and speech.