Tips on How to Choose an Automatic Ph Tester

The digital PH Tester by InstrumentChoice is a fantastic tool for those involved in the chemical and automotive industry. It’s designed to be an affordable but reliable alternative to the traditional VASCAR testing machine. Many large scale car manufacturers purchase these testers to help them determine if their vehicle is safe enough to be on the road. While VASCAR does provide accurate results, the cost of a vehicle recall can add up quickly. Even if you’re only conducting one test, it’s still money well spent. Even if your test results are negative, these machines can eliminate the risk of severe consequences for your company or yourself.

The digital PH Tester by InstrumentChoice has many benefits over a traditional VASCAR meter. First, it’s cheaper, even when you factor in the replacement cost of the machine. While you’re paying less, you also have a high-tech, LED-lit digital screen and high-resolution, accurate readings. Most of the tester models will automatically detect your car’s fuel pressure level, providing you with a precise measure of the efficiency of your engine.

The best PH meters use a sophisticated, multi-parameter digital PH tester with a built-in calibration system to deliver results in less than 1 minute. The digital PH Tester by Instrudigital-ph-tester-by-instrumentchoicementChoice can measure and evaluate the water PH, oxygen saturation, alkalinity, calcium hardness, carbonate hardness, borate hardness, and substrate hardness. These parameters are crucial to hydroponics and plant nutrition and need to be measured regularly by today’s precision hydroponic equipment.

The thermometer offers automatic temperature compensation. This feature helps ensure that your hydroponics nutrient solutions are at their optimum level to maximize growth potential. When selecting an accurate digital pH meter, make sure it offers automatic temperature compensation. The best models will maintain constant probe temperatures between zero and five hundred degree F.

The best pH tester for hydroponics is the AutoCAD Tester Pro. The pro series from Automatic Hydroponics, Incorporated, features built-in probes for single and dual probe systems. With the digital display and user-friendly interface, the Pro PH Meters provide accurate and reliable pH, ammonia, chlorine, total alkalinity, and total calcium. It’s also easy to use — just set the probe and click “go”. No wiring is required, and the AutoCAD program is accessible over the Internet.

If your soil samples are too large for the AromaPress ThermoPro Ph Mark IV Thermometer, other less expensive testers can still give you the essential temperature readings. The BioTester PT10 offers an advanced, automatic temperature compensation option. A ten-step adjustable timer allows the timer to initiate different testing cycles based on the temperature change. The included battery pack provides for recharging anytime, anywhere.