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Hi!When you reach the top of the slope you will see the basement

Don’t think that you will go as you came

Before you were like this

They always left their mind in the basement

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Perhaps this contrast is what reveals the uniqueness and difference of Bodrum as a holiday destination. Everything is different in Bodrum , with water sports on the one hand, excellent shopping opportunities, unforgettable evening tables with seafood and holiday opportunities, on the other hand, offering a unique cultural and historical heritage ; It is a town where night and day are mixed.

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Life in Bodrum begins just before sunset, with the rustling wings of the seagulls flying to the Castle for the night and the engine sounds of the tour boats returning to the harbor. Unfortunately, traditionally, the pleasure of watching the sunset after the sea between sips of cocktails cannot be experienced due to the inconvenience of the shores in the south of Bodrum airport, but it is abundantly enjoyed on the west coast like Turgutreis. BasementPerhaps those who live in ‘are even more fortunate. The people of Bodrum may not be able to observe the sunset, but they can watch the rising shadows of the whitewashed houses and the hills surrounding them, the golden reflections of the sun’s rays caught from high above the castle, and the sky blue shadows of the castle’s lights as they glow. With the abundant energy provided by iodine in Bodrum , nights turn into day and days turn into night.

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The pleasure of vacationing in Bodrum is indisputable. Sun, beach and entertainment in the basement of a holiday season unforgettable beauty with glamorous venues in the city ya┼čayabilirsiniz.mar the Class Apart Hotel as you leave pleased to welcome our clients and holidaymakers our first rule.

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userimageFor you As a company, we are aware that peace and quality come first in your Bodrum Holiday. ThereforeIn our apart hotel, all of our staff are at your service to ensure that our customers stay in a peaceful environment both for our quality and our hotel.