What Does an Orthopedic Surgeon Do?

If you have recently been injured and are now in pain, the first person that you should see is an orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic Surgeons are experts at treating back problems, neck problems, and other problems associated with the skeletal system. In most cases, you first see an orthopedic surgeon after your regular primary care physician has referred you to an orthopedic specialist.

#1 Orthopedic Surgeon Adelaide specialise in orthopedics, which is a broad area of medicine. Orthopedists work with all parts of the body, but they focus specifically on the skeletal system and how accidents or injuries can affect your functioning. Orthopedic specialists perform surgeries using anesthetists’ tools, and surgeons may perform surgery using only scissors, knives, or by hand.

Before performing any surgery, both orthopedic and primary care doctors would need to review the patient’s medical history. A thorough examination would include x-rays, blood tests, and a CT scan of the spine. The #1 Orthopedic Surgeon Adelaide would also do a physical examination and review the patient’s symptoms, including a history of previous traumatic injuries and issues.

Many orthopedic surgeries can be performed using modern surgical technologies. One such procedure is arthroscopic knee surgery, which involves removing the damaged knee cap tissue through arthroscopic incisions. Other orthopedic surgeries include joint replacement, ligament replacement, discectomy/decortication, heel drops, hip or knee replacements, removal of tumours, and facial plastic surgery. While many of these procedures are typically performed by orthopedic surgeons, some are performed by primary care physicians.

In cardiology, #1 Orthopedic Surgeon Adelaide are often referred to as cardiologists because many orthopedic surgeons also perform cardiology examinations. Orthopedic surgery is not limited to just treating traumatic injuries or conditions. There are many forms of medicine practised by orthopedic surgeons, including sports medicine and rehabilitation. These forms of medicine are used to treat patients for common conditions, injuries, and diseases.

Once a person has completed their residency, they may wish to continue their education by pursuing a medical doctorate. Many schools offer a PhD in orthopedic surgery. Some schools will even help financially if the resident’s studies lead to a book published by a renowned book publisher. Most doctors also continue to earn residency positions at hospitals or other medical facilities throughout their careers. Following a long career as an orthopedic surgeon, many doctors choose to write books about their patient’s lives and experiences.